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APOLLO 18 – Trailer Review (Trailer 2)

Back in February of this year, audiences were teased with the first trailer of the new “found footage mockumentary” Apollo 18.  Based on the trailers, the film follows two astronauts on the moon, and while there, they start to encounter some strange occurrences, hinting at the possibility of another life-form living there.

When the first trailer for Apollo 18 was released, the film was scheduled for an April 22 release date.  The film, however, was then pushed back to January 7, 2012.  My immediate reaction to that news was, “Oh god.  This is Season of the Witch all over again.”  Luckily, the film was then moved for a third time to August 26 of this year, and that’s where it currently remains*.  And with that new release date soaking in moviegoers’ heads for a few weeks, the Weinstein Company has released a second trailer of Apollo 18.

However, this new trailer is pretty much identical to the first trailer we saw back in February.  The film overall does looks good to me, though.  I think the creepy atmosphere of the moon mixed with a gritty, handheld style of cinematography could work effectively as a horror movie.  I’m also enjoying some of the creepy antics we’re getting a glimpse at (i.e. the destroyed American flag, the moving rock, “there’s something in my suit,” etc.).  I would say that this film could be an entertaining, end of the summer horror film, however the fact that it has changed release dates many times concerns me.  Not to mention, it’s the same weekend Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark releases, and I’m anticipating that film far more.


Share your thoughts in the comments!  The film opens on August 26.

*The film was pushed back again, this time a week later to September 2.

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