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CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE – Movie Review

I’ve had an argument about most mainstream movies for a while now, which is the following: movie trailers do not do a movie justice.  They make bad movies look better than they really are and they make good movies look worse than they really are.  Now I bring this up because Crazy, Stupid, Love completely fits the latter part of the argument.

This film is co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and it has an all-star cast, featuring the talents of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone.  The film centers on Cal (Carell) and Emily (Moore), a longtime couple that splits up, due to an affair Emily had with a co-worker (Kevin Bacon).  While drinking alone at a bar, Cal meets Jacob (Gosling), a fast-talking womanizer who takes Cal under his wing, guiding him through single life.  Other side love stories take place, as well, one of which involving Jacob trying to win over the affection of a law student, Hannah (Stone).

This is one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year.  It’s refreshing to see such a well-written screenplay put to film.  Every line of dialogue feels so genuine and real, but at the same time, many of them provide for some laugh out loud moments.  The comedy in this film is extremely well done, simply because it captures funny, everyday situations that we can easily relate to.

The movie also is very intricate and well thought out, with each storyline weaving into another, all focusing on the simple, but complex idea of love.  The story also provides for some great twists and turns along the way, revealing fun nuggets about certain characters.

Also, every actor in this film does a great job with their performance.  Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, providing for most of the film’s emotional weight, do a wonderful job capturing the realism and sadness of a divorce, but simultaneously having terrific chemistry on screen.  Ryan Gosling also turns in a fantastic performance, perfectly nailing each sharp, seductive, funny line of dialogue he is given.  Another standout is child actor Jonah Bobo, who plays one of Cal and Emily’s two children, Robbie.  Robbie is also going through love troubles, as he has a crush on his babysitter, who is four years older than he, who doesn’t exactly feel the same way about him.

The film’s problems really stem from its pacing.  The movie doesn’t really get going at its full potential until around fifteen minutes in, when Gosling’s character is introduced.  From there, it really goes strong until a monologue scene towards the end of the film, that loses the sense of realism the film had going for it so well before.

Nevertheless, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a sharp, funny movie, blending the light and dark aspects of love in such a unique and creative way.  This is honestly the best romance movie I’ve seen since (500) Days of Summer.


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