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50/50 – Movie Review

The word “dramedy” gets tossed around quite a bit when classifying certain films.  However, the word couldn’t be used more perfectly than when describing Jonathan Levine’s new film 50/50.  Never have I seen comedy and drama blended together so seamlessly and beautifully, making you laugh hysterically and cry hysterically within a matter of minutes.

50/50 follows Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a healthy, 27 year-old man who unfortunately gets diagnosed with spinal cancer.  Through some research, Adam discovers that he only has a 50% chance of survival, and the film follows he and his friend Kyle (Seth Rogen), his family, his therapist (Anna Kendrick), and others dealing with this serious issue.

Screenwriter Will Reiser based the film off of a similar personal experience, and it shows through the film’s realism and respect for the situation, with some humor and lightheartedness injected throughout.  He perfectly captures the balance of comedy and drama in this film.  The comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, much of it provided by Kyle’s reaction to situations he and Adam get into.  The drama is very effective as well, as it caused me to be on the verge of tears twice.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is wonderful here, completely making you believe that Adam is simply a real person dealing with this situation.  He’s charming, sweet, and has a great heart, all making you want him to succeed.  Rogen also turns in a very strong performance, doing the antics you’ve come to expect from him with a bit of an emotional twist.  Underneath his funny remarks is an honest, caring human being, making the friendship with Adam loving and strong.

50/50 is truly a film of many words.  It’s funny, sad, intense, heartfelt, and honest.  It will take you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, giving you a completely satisfying cinematic experience.


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