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Having still not seen the second and third films (and gratefully the direct-to-DVD sequels), I thought the first American Pie movie was decent, but don’t fully agree with the hype.  There are some funny moments, some good performances, but it felt a bit hammy and contrived in the emotional department, needless to say that my hopes for the fourth movie in the series, American Reunion, were mixed.  However, not only does Reunion trump the original; it’s the funniest film of the year so far.

The film reunites the main friends from the series for a 13-year high school reunion.  Each of them have gone their separate ways, and they come back for one weekend to reconnect and see familiar faces from their graduating class of 1999.

The easiest aspect to critique in a comedy is the obvious: is it funny?  And the short answer here is yes.  The actors have played these roles four times now, and they know exactly what they’re doing.  Their delivery, mannerisms, and reactions to situations are spot on, providing for some huge laughs.  The script also balances references and characters from the first film and how high school has changed over 13 years, extremely effectively.

The cast, as previously mentioned, has played their roles for four films, and completely sells their characters.  One of my favorite parts of 1999’s American Pie is the relatable, likeable lead performance of Jason Biggs as Jim, and he’s just as good here.  Seann William Scott also nails his jerky Stifler, delivering several of the film’s biggest laughs.  One of my other favorite parts of the original film is Eugene Levy’s performance as Jim’s dad, and he walks away with nearly every scene he’s in here.

Where the film falls short for me is in the emotional department, which is my main gripe with the first movie.  The characters and actors don’t have enough depth to where it’s fully believable that these “heartfelt” scenes and moments would actually take place.  Chris Klein as Oz delivers some notably cringe-worthy dialogue.

Overall, though, if you’re a fan of the Pie series, I’m almost positive that you’ll be satisfied with this new installment.  It delivers in spades on the comedy, and it’s one of the most entertaining times I’ve had at the movies this year so far.


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