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TITANIC 3D – Movie Review

In 1997, James Cameron gave the world one of the biggest movies ever made, Titanic.  It’s currently the second highest grossing film of all time, and it swept the Academy Awards as well.  However, despite the fact that most people have seen it, at this point, Paramount has decided to rerelease the epic in post-converted 3D to mark the 100th anniversary of the infamous ship sinking in 1912.  And while the 3D isn’t necessary for a lot of the film, it’s pretty incredible to see the film on the big screen regardless.

The film follows a love story on the Titanic ship.  Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) comes from a low class background, while Rose (Kate Winslet) comes from the polar opposite: a lavish, snooty family staying on the first class deck of the ship.  The first half of the film is solely devoted to their love story, while the second shows the infamous sinking, where Jack and Rose struggle to survive.

As a storyteller, James Cameron has been hit or miss for me, but when it comes to visuals, he never disappoints.  The art direction, costumes, and general scope of the Titanic are phenomenal, perfectly capturing the 1910s time period.  And the grand, sweeping shots of the ship do transfer beautifully in 3D, showing a great sense of depth.

It’s interesting comparing Titanic to Cameron’s 2009 follow-up, Avatar, because both films feature a similar dynamic.  They tell central love stories in a vast surrounding location.  The difference between this and Avatar, which I thought was decent at best, lies in the acting.  DiCaprio and Winslet give terrific performances, even in the dawn of their careers.  Their chemistry is real, and they feel authentic in the roles.

Once you get past several corny moments, like the famous “I’m king of the world!” scene, DiCaprio and Winslet share some truly great sequences that ring true and show their full acting abilities.

The other complaint I have is the length, which is about 3 hours and 16 minutes.  For the most part, it never drags, but the bookends of the movie could have definitely been condensed.  Had the beginning and ending sequences been shortened, clocking the film in at a perfect 3 hour-runtime, it would have been even more successful.

Overall, if you’re a Titanic fan and want to see it back in theaters, this 3D conversion is a great way to do it.  The film isn’t perfect, but the acting, scope, and story are pure movie magic.


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  1. April 9, 2012 at 5:00 am

    I absolutely hated this film man. I seem to one of few though. My scathing review will be posted later today. Good review though.

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