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I went into Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with relatively low expectations.  The title and concept were intriguing, but all of the trailers looked way too dark and serious for a movie with this ridiculous of a premise.  Luckily, the movie embraces the goofiness and cheese, which is why I had fun with it.

It follows Lincoln as a young boy, whose mother was killed by a vampire.  Now as an adult (Benjamin Walker), he’s out to seek vengeance for his mother’s death.  He meets Henry (Dominic Cooper), a vampire expert, who trains him to be the ultimate vampire hunter, and protect the United States from these monstrous creatures.

As previously mentioned, a movie like this can’t take itself seriously at all, and it feels like the filmmakers knew this.  The whole movie is played straight, allowing the comedy and camp to come naturally.

The action scenes are also pretty entertaining, and have a great vision.  Director Timur Bekmambetov injects a similar style as his 2008 action movie Wanted, where all of the action is hyper-violent, gory, and way over the top.  One scene in particular features a fight on top of a group of galloping horses, which had myself, and my audience, clapping and dying with laughter.

There are definitely problems with the film.  Firstly, the cast isn’t anything that special.  Benjamin Walker is physically believable as Honest Abe, but doesn’t deliver dialogue or interact with characters in a very meaningful way.  The supporting cast includes Dominic Cooper, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Anthony Mackie, who have all given better performances before, and phone it in, here.

The film also falls into a slump toward the one-hour mark.  Before this, the pace is lighting-fast, wasting no time at all to get into the action.  However once he takes president, not only is that transition jarring, but nothing really happens for a good 20 minutes.  I don’t need action every moment in a film, but for something like this where the story isn’t prominent, something interesting needs to be happening.

Overall, this isn’t a thought-provoking movie or one that is even that great.  However in the moment while watching it, the action scenes and vampire kills suffice as perfect, silly summer entertainment.


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