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GANGSTER SQUAD – Reshoots and Potential Delay?

Warner Bros. has dealt with a lot of sudden marketing changes in their feature projects in response to the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where 12 people were killed during a midnight screening of their new blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.  They’ve had to edit down TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises with gunfire and pull TV spots from the major networks altogether over this past weekend.

In addition, a trailer was released in May for an upcoming crime drama Gangster Squad, featuring an all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Sean Penn.  The trailer shows a group of gunmen in a movie theater, shooting through screen onto the crowd.  This trailer was in loose rotation in front of The Dark Knight Rises, but has been pulled from all theaters in North America since the event.  It has also been pulled from most places online.  The unfortunate coincidence has caused much struggle over at Warner Bros., as they have reportedly decided to cut the theater scene from the movie.  This is a problem, however, as it is reportedly the pivotal climax of the film.  This would call for swift reshoots, as the film is still slated for a September 7 release date.

Many film fans have been upset by this decision.  And while I can recognize that the scene in the film is indirect to the Aurora tragedy, the fact of the matter is that mass audiences won’t.  The event is fresh in the public’s minds, and releasing the film six weeks from now uncut would just be irresponsible.  If Warner Bros. want remote public success from the film, whether it be financial or receptive, some kind of action needs to be taken.

Other speculation is that the film would be delayed to some point in the future (no date has been even rumored yet, as this is still all speculation).  Personally, I think this is the way to go.  They’ll have more time to figure out a plan B and it’ll be out of the public’s minds by whenever they decide to release it.  And while I would have personally pushed the film a year and left it as is, Warner Bros. wants to cover their tracks, and pushing it at least a few months from now would give them time to do so.

Sure it wasn’t the film’s fault, but mass audiences don’t care.  A tragic event has just happened.  Plain and simple.  And who knows, maybe by the time the DVD and Blu-Ray are released, a director’s cut could pop up.

Gangster Squad presumably hits theaters on September 7.

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